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Garden Controls Day-Night Thermostatic (Temperature) Fan Speed Control With Idle

Garden Controls Day-Night Thermostatic (Temperature) Fan Speed Control With Idle

Fan Controller
- Easy Day and Night Settings
- Accurate Electronic Control with External Sensor
- Stable Room Temperature with Fan Speed Control
- Safety Low Temperature Limit
- 120V 5A 600W
- Low-Speed Idle on/off

We only started stocking these recently, but so far this seems like a fantastic all-around option - does it all (except remote temperature sensing) for two-thirds the cost of the 'best in class' GroZone model. It has all the needed features - day and night temperature settings, the ability to turn on and off a low-speed idle setting so that the fan can constantly run slow never stopping altogether allowing an always-negative-pressure environment for odor control (with the option of a low-temp emergency stop function to avoid things gettin way TOO cold)... and your fan plug actually piggy-backs off of the controller's plug, rather than having to run the fan cord (and power via an extension cord, as with the SuperPro version) over to where the controller unit and temperature sensor have to be.

The FAN CONTROLLER automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to maintain the room temperature at a value corresponding to the day or night set points.

Day & Night TEMPERATURE SET POINTS: 50°F to 100°F (10°C to 38°C)

3-position SLIDE SWITCH to select Idle options:
Idle Off: Fan will stop when set point is reached.
Idle On: Fan maintains minimum speed (idle) when room temperature is equal or cooler than set point.
Idle On with Low Temperature: Fan maintains minimum speed (idle) when room temperature is equal or cooler than set point BUT fan will stop if room temperature gets cooler than 10F below set point.

LIGHT SENSOR: Day/night detector
OUTPUT ON: Light indicator is lit when power is applied to the power/output cord (piggy back cord), regardless of the fan speed. Indicator is OFF when fan is defeated.
External TEMPERATURE PROBE for accurate reading. (But probe is NOT "remote" - i.e. it is an inch or so long little probe that sticks off the bottom of the box as in the photo, it doesn't pull out or extend away from the box, which therefore has to be wholly mounted where you want the temperature read - see the GroZone brand models for similar but remote temperature-sensing units - again though, this box seems to have just about all possible features for the best price - only problem being that the box has to be placed where you want your temperature read).

Idle Speed is fixed at 37% of full power.
Load: Max 5 Amps, 600 Watts Fans.
120V fan is plugged into the 5ft power/output cord (piggyback cord).

Stock # 15427