Gateway Glass Dabber Full Color w/ Marble / Ball Carb Cap End

Gateway Glass Dabber Full Color


Gateway Glass


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Gateway Glass Dabber Full Color w/ Marble / Ball Carb Cap End

We stock mostly paddle (see other listing), but also marble / ball end dabbers from Gateway Glass ... Both designs have their place and their pros and cons (mostly they'll carb different types & sizes of bangers / domeless nails). Of course within each of the two styles we also get a variety of sizes. If you purchase a nail / banger in an order together with one of these items, we'll always try to match your items so that things work together nicely, in our humble but experienced opinions. If you are purchasing this item separately, then we will generally try to send you a 'paddle' carb-cap end as that seems the more popular and multi-functional option - you can also please feel free to specify any preferences in your Order Notes ("Add a note to your order..." in Shopping Cart) or email / call us anytime before / while / after putting your order through and we'll always do our best to help you out and ensure that you get the best products and information for you!

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