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GPen Cookies Nova Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates by Grenco Science

GPen Cookies Nova Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates by Grenco Science

Limited Edition Cookies Design
510 Thread
Variable Voltage Battery
Pass-Through Charging
Integrated Ceramic Loading Tool
Ergonomic Silicone Mouthpiece

G Pen and Cookies both have united to bring a restricted version plan to the Nova concentrate pen vaporizer. Grenco built up the Nova to convey concentrate pleasure anyplace, whenever and it presently includes an eye-catching new design. It has three temperature alternatives to permit clients to investigate the full flavor and impacts of their concentrates. Exchanging temperatures are simple, as clients need to click the singular button multiple times. A LED light to every voltage: 3.2V is blue, 3.5V is green, and 3.9V red. Pass-through charging abilities of the device ensure you can utilize the device while connected, so your sessions will never get disturbed.

Designed with three temperatures. Lower temperatures mean more flavor and less vapor, while the most noteworthy alternative conveys a thick cloud that is somewhat less delicious. Utilizing the various voltages will let you explore the full scope of your material.

Permits genuine taste of your material on the 3.2V setting, get a pleasant center ground of flavor and vapor when the 3.5V set is used, and thick vapor on the 3.9V set. The G Pen Nova battery is prepared to uniformly disintegrate your material on any voltage choices, guaranteeing complete sessions each time.

It is an incredible portable vape because of its oversimplified design. The one-button activity makes changing temperatures simple.

Blue: 3.2V
Green: 3.5V
Red: 3.9V

After your picked temperature, hold down the button, and the vapor starts. From that point, all that is left to do is take a draw. The light around the button will blink once in each tone to tell you the device is shutting down.

- Tank
- Charging Cable
- G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition Battery

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