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Grotek / Curtis Wagner Saucer Clear Round 12" - Good for Our 3Gallon Round Pots

Grotek / Curtis Wagner Saucer Clear Round 12"

Grotek / Curtis Wagner Clear Plastic Saucer 12" to fit 3Gal Pots (among many others available)

These saucers are great, while of course we prefer, and more highly recommend, the hard black plastic version (also available at THC of course). The size given for these saucers represents the OVERALL diameter of the exterior (including any lip) of the entire saucer, which is generally approximately 1.5" wider than the 'interior diameter' (the space for your pot). So, if you have a pot that measures 8" wide at the bottom, you would want at least the the 10" Saucer to fit it reasonably, for example. That's why we recommend the 12" saucer for our 3Gallon round pots - you can use a 10" for them (since they measure about that 8" at the bottom), but it fits snugly so moving up to a 12" is more comfortable. Either is fine though.

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