High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 30mm Banger Coil Heater

High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 30mm Barrel Coil Heater


High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 30mm Barrel Coil Heater

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High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 30mm Banger Coil Heater

HIGH FIVE 30mm banger coils are designed to be paired with HIGH FIVE E-bangers specifically E-bangers with the R-clip design. The 30mm banger coil heats up the entire banger dish including the sides and bottom. NOT compatible with D-Nail, Disorderly Conduction PeliNail, EzBake E-Nail and Shatterbox E-Nail unless you use our Universal Coil Adapter #2.

We highly recommend using both the metal clip AND a 'High Temp O-Ring Banger Hook' to seccurely connect your banger to your heater coil - https://torontohemp.com/products/sz-crossing-saionara-enail-banger-hook-high-temp-o-ring-to-secure-banger-to-heater-coil . Please also note that we carry replacement 30mm parts from two brands that are, for the most part, interchangeable - see SZ Crossing (Saionara) brand 30mm pieces as well as High Five Vape pieces as they are both excellent options. https://torontohemp.com/pages/search-results-page?q=30mm+banger

1 Year Warranty
Coil Length: 5ft
Height: 12.7mm
5PIN Female XLR Connector
Non Flammable Kevlar Sheath
Coil Size & Tolerance: 30mm +/- 0.1
Resistance Material: Ni80Cr20 from Germany
Wiring: PIN 1:TC+ , PIN 2:TC-, PIN 3:Ground, PIN 4: Load1, PIN 5: HIGH5 30MM BANGER COIL

Since there are many name brand nails as well as different type of nails(quartz, ceramic, titanium) having a coil that fits every type of nail from every brand is impossible, if you're looking for a nail that fits HIGH5 coils perfectly we suggest our line of HIGH5 nails / Bangers. The coiled heater is wired for 120 watts and is 5ft long. The coil uses a 5PIN Female XLR connector. Our coils are solely meant to be used with HIGH5 Enails. NEVER use HIGH5 coils with enails from other brands doing so can cause a potentially dangerous situation due to different wiring and will void the warranty, NEVER use coils from other brands with HIGH5 enails either.

(Banger NOT INCLUDED - Shown for reference only!)

NOTE: It seems that the SZ Crossing / Saionara 30mm Quartz E-Banger Part/Set is very much compatible and interchangeable with the High Five Vape 30mm Quartz E-Banger Parts/Set (the E-Bangers and parts all seem to fit each other's Heater Coils and Lock pins and Carb-Cap and even the SZ Crossing / Saionara Quartz Insert Dish seems to fit the High Five E-Banger). While of course we can't 100% guarantee compatibility, they seem virtually identical and totally compatible from our experimentation and experience (the only thing NOT seemingly compatible is the electrical pin configuration between Heater Coil and E-Nail Control Box - compatibility refers to the quartz parts).

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