High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 20mm Coil Heaters

High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice


High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 Coil Heaters of Your Choice

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High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail DUAL LED #1 Model w/ 2 20mm Coil Heaters (or swap for 16mm or Flat)

Please note: 16mm is being phased out in general by High Five (and others) - so we recommend going with 20mm pieces as those are generally preferred by customers anyway.

High Five (High5) Vapes and E-Nails Information Sheet: THCEnailsInfoSheet.pdf

Why is the Dual (LCD) so much more than the Dual LED, and the same price as the Quad (which is only available in one model style - the LED aka LED #1)? BASIC LED #1 / LED #1 / LED #2 / LCD - What's the difference!?
The difference between the HIGH5 BASIC LED #1 and LED Enail #1 is that the BASIC does not have a USB charging port or the second ON/OFF switch (the LED ENail #1 and all other HIGH5 ENails have separate ON/OFF for both the coil and power cord so you don't have to worry about your coil heating up as soon as you turn the unit on). The difference between the HIGH5 LED Enail #1 & the slightly more expensive #2 is that the display for LED #2 shows the set temperature and current temperature simultaneously while the display on the LED #1 shows only one temperature at a time - once you have set the desired temperature the display will flash 10 times indicating the temperature has been set then it will begin to show the current temperature as it climbs toward your set point. The more expensive LCD model has a better screen similar to a smartphone, it also displays the set temperature and the current temperature. There is no difference in terms of function or reliability.

What coil size do I need?
The coil size depends on your nail. Do not confuse joint size (10/14/18 - Male/Female) with coil size (Flat/16mm/20mm). When deciding what coil size you need first determine if your current nail is compatible with enail coils. If you aren't sure please send a photo of your nail to info@highfivevape.com - The next step is to ensure that it will fit your joint. If your rig has a 14mm male joint then you require a 14mm female nail and vice versa. Once you determine the correct joint size of the nail then all you have to do is make sure to purchase the same coil size as the nail.

How do I get the coil to fit my Quartz Banger/Quartz Domeless Nail?
First heat up your coil to 800F-900F. By heating up the coil you expand it allowing more room for the banger/nail to fit. Place the banger/nail in your other hand, once the coil has been heated slowly place the banger into the coil. The coil will only cover the bottom part of the dish on the banger, do not force it. *IMPORTANT* always remember to remove the coil from the banger/domeless nail before turning off your unit. Never turn off the enail and leave the coil to cool on the banger. Once the coil begins to cool it will contract, squeezing the banger making it very difficult to remove the coil and will most likely result in cracking/breaking. Even waiting a few minutes will allow enough time for the coil to tighten around the banger/nail so we advise to remove the coil immediately after every session.


USB Port
Auto System Tuning
Dual Digital Display
Grounded/Fuse Protected
Last Set Temperature Memory
Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
8ft Long Auto Locking Power Cord
Gold Plated XLRs for Improved Connectivity
Separate ON/OFF Switch for Coils & Power Supply
Temperature range: 0F - 1200F - Recommended Usage Below 1000F

Unit Includes:
(1) - Click to Download User Manual
(1) - Control Box with Dual Digital Display
(1) - 8ft Long Auto Locking Power Cord
(2) - 6ft Long Coils (Flat, 16mm or 20mm)

Please specify in your Order Notes during Checkout what 2 coils you would like - 16mm, 20mm, or Flat (or a mixture of the options). Also, if you also purchase corresponding Titanium Nais or Quartz Bangers we will of course put together a package that all fits and functions properly together for you. Please search "High5" or "ENail" for more of our amazing selection of related products!

How much do you spend on butane every month?
Tired of your nail being too hot or too cold with a torch?
Do you want to buy a reliable and affordable e-nail without having to compromise quality?
Do you want to start saving money and at the same time improve/enhance your vaporization experience?
Tired of other e-nail companies that mislead customers about their Lifetime Warranty? when in reality they only cover the box and have a 60-90 day warranty on their coil?

HIGH5's Dual LED #1 Enail is cheaper than some single coil units currently on the market....think about that for a minute. HIGH5 produces the most affordable Enails currently on the market without sacrificing quality or reliability and all the while still maintaining a warranty that is better than any of our competitors. If you think about it is a $600-$800 (per single heater-coil) unit really necessary for heating a small piece of titanium/quartz/ceramic? Our enails function the same and are just as reliable at a fraction of the price not to mention backed by the HIGH5 customer service team. The unit includes two 6ft long non-flammable Kevlar wrapped coils in your choice of Flat, 16mm or 20mm with pins that are gold plated for improved connectivity, an 8ft long auto locking power cord that cannot be removed unless the safety is being held, a temperature control box with dual LED displays and a detailed user manual. The box itself has a USB port which is handy for charging anything from vape pens to your phone. The box also has a separate ON/OFF switch for the both coils and the power supply so no worrying about the coil heating up right away once plugged in. The unit is grounded and fuse protected, coupled with an 8ft long auto locking power cord that is also grounded you never have to worry about electrical shock. All of these features come standard in the price you see above.


We have the best warranty of any e-nail currently on the market. Everything from the box, coil and power cord are covered under a 1 year warranty. Many companies claim they have a Lifetime Warranty but once you read the fine print or contact them you'll find out they really only cover the box and if your coil stops functioning after only 60-90 days you"ll have to purchase a new one.

Our units are the most affordable on the market hands down. We offer more at a fraction of other units currently on the market. Even compared to Amazon/Alibaba/DH Gate our units are still more affordable when you factor in shipping and let's not forget after sales customer service, nothings worse than having to spend $30-$50 to send your broken unit back to China and wait 2 weeks for it to be returned. The components used in our enails are of the highest quality, many of which are CE/UL certified for safety. You'll never find wires that have been glued, male connectors or any other sign of poor quality.

What's worse than overpaying/underpaying for an enail? Buying an enail from a company that doesn't honor their warranty or has poor customer service. We promise at HIGH5 you won't experience either of those. We've heard countless stories from disgruntled customers who purchased their enail from Alibaba/DH Gate only to have their unit stop working within a few weeks/months and having to pay out of their pocket to send the unit back and having to wait 2 weeks+ to receive it. We've also heard customers who purchased their unit from American companies and once their unit started to have problems their Lifetime Warranty suddenly turned into we only cover the box warranty. Don't waste your hard earned money on companies who don"t value your business or mislead customers. Anyone who has purchased from HIGH5 can tell you that we take care of our customers and with multiple ways to reach us we always do our best to respond to emails/calls within 24 hours and to solve any issues you might have within a few days.

Basic programming of Omron Controller - only for if you manage to mess up your controller's programming!! Follow the basic Owner's Manual operation guide that comes with your High Five E-Nail and you should never need to touch this programming - but you do need to follow the warnings that say stuff like 'don't touch this button' or else you WILL need to follow this Basic Controller Setting Guide (or similar depending on the exact model you have)

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