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High Five (High5) Vapes Manual Rosin Press V3 w/ 2x4" Rectangular Plates (Doubles as ENail)

High Five (High5) Vapes Manual Rosin Press V3 w/ 2x4" Rectangular Plates (Doubles as ENail If You Have or Buy a High5 Brand Heater Coil)

Not exactly as pictured - 3" Round Plates Version Shown

No additional parts required! Pressing plates are 3" in diameter or 2x4" Rectangular and made out of Stainless Steel. Unlike other presses on the market, the heaters for this press are easily replaceable there is no need to send your entire your unit back to us simply purchase new heaters! The press is warrantied for a full 1 year.

These 'Manual' presses produce pressure based upon the wieght and strength of the user - they multiply the pressure provided by the user at approximately a 1:6 ratio, so someone weighing around 150lb should make for approximately 900 pounds of pressure at the plates. These presses should be secured to a sturdy work surface for optimum effect.

Circuit Protection
Ergonomic and User Friendly Handle
Heating Elements are Easily Replaceable
Double as an enail with Highfive Coil.
3" Circular or 2x4" Rectangular Stainless Steel Plates
Plates Heated Individually with Accurate Temp Control
Covered by Full 1 Year Warranty

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