High Five (High5) Vapes Quartz E-Banger 16mm "V2" New Design W/ Carb Cap

High Five (High5) Vapes Quartz E-Banger 16mm "V2" New Design W/ Carb Cap


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High Five (High5) Vapes Quartz E-Banger 16mm "V2" New Design W/ Carb Cap - Heater Coil Size ; 14mm or 19mm Male or Female Joint Size / Configuration

Please note: 16mm is being phased out in general by High Five (and others) - so we recommend going with 20mm pieces as those are generally preferred by customers anyway.

These quartz Ebangers can be used with both Enails and torches. This Ebanger is specifically made for enail use and includes a hook on the side of the banger so you can secure the coil from moving/falling. We advise with any quartz nail/banger where the coil is directly wrapped around the dish to remove the coil before turning the unit off.

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What coil size do I need?
The coil size depends on your nail. Do not confuse joint size (10/14/19 - Male/Female) with coil size (Flat/16mm/20mm). When deciding what coil size you need first determine if your current nail is compatible with enail coils. If you aren't sure please send a photo of your nail to info@highfivevape.com - The next step is to ensure that it will fit your joint. If your rig has a 14mm male joint then you require a 14mm female nail and vice versa. Once you determine the correct joint size of the nail then all you have to do is make sure to purchase the same coil size as the nail.

How do I get the coil to fit my Quartz Banger/Quartz Domeless Nail? (Applicable to 16mm and 20mm BARREL style coils and bangers, not applicable to the new 25mm and 30mm R-Clip retention style bangers and coils.)
First heat up your coil to 800F-900F. By heating up the coil you expand it allowing more room for the banger/nail to fit. Place the banger/nail in your other hand, once the coil has been heated slowly place the banger into the coil. The coil will only cover the bottom part of the dish on the banger, do not force it. *IMPORTANT* always remember to remove the coil from the banger/domeless nail before turning off your unit. Never turn off the enail and leave the coil to cool on the banger. Once the coil begins to cool it will contract, squeezing the banger making it very difficult to remove the coil and will most likely result in cracking/breaking. Even waiting a few minutes will allow enough time for the coil to tighten around the banger/nail so we advise to remove the coil immediately after every session.

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