High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 16mm Barrel Coil Heater



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High Five (High5) Vapes Digital E-Nail 16mm Barrel Coil Heater

Please note: 16mm is being phased out in general by High Five (and others) - so we recommend going with 20mm (or 25mm or 30mm) pieces as those are generally preferred by customers anyway.

HIGH5's 16mm barrel coil fits 16mm domeless titanium, ceramic and quartz nails designed for 16mm enail coils. Our 16mm coil will fit 16mm nails from Happy Daddy Products, Highly Educated, HIVE Ceramics, Santa Cruz Shredder, Vapenwiser, Silika, Boss Titanium, New Vape and many more. Our coils will also fit the quartz bangers/domeless nails for 16mm coils. Since there are many name brand nails as well as different type of nails(quartz, ceramic, titanium) having a coil that fits every type of nail from every brand is impossible, if you're looking for a nail that fits HIGH5 coils perfectly we suggest our line of HIGH5 nails. The coiled heater is wired for 120 watts and is 5ft long. The coil uses a 5PIN Female XLR connector. Our coils are solely meant to be used with HIGH5 Enails. NEVER use HIGH5 coils with enails from other brands doing so can cause a potentially dangerous situation due to different wiring and will void the warranty, NEVER use coils from other brands with HIGH5 enails either.

Coil Length: 6ft
Height: 12.7mm
ID(inner diameter): 16mm
OD(outer diameter): 22mm

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