Highly Educated Titanium E-Nail "Insert" for 16mm Heater Coil w/ 14&19mm Male Joint

Highly Educated Titanium E-Ti-Nail D-Adapter (DualiTi-Like) 14&19mm Female Joint 16mm Coil Size


Highly Educated Titanium


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Highly Educated Titanium E-Nail "Insert" for 16mm Heater Coil w/ 14&19mm  Male Joint

This is the replacement nail that came with the original Highly Educated E-nail units. This nail fits coils with an inside diameter of 16mm (0.625") and a maximum coil height of 16mm. Two separate pieces assemble to hold the coil safely in place. The OG E-nail insert is to be used with any standard tapered 18mm & 14mm female glass on glass ground joints.


2 piece design includes base + adapter dish
Compatible with 14mm & 18mm female joints
Adapter dish height: .670" / 17.02mm
Dish design: kings moat (deep dish)
Dish Diameter: .865 in (21.97 mm)
Dish volume: 780.02 mm3
Fits heater coils with 16mm height
Material: Grade 2 titanium
Weight: 30.0 grams
Made in the USA

Made by Highly Educated to work with all brands of ENails and Heater Coils - like our Brindle Farms ENails, our High Five Vapes / High5 ENails, as well as our other ENails from brands like Errlectric, DNail, etc.

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