HOSS Glass DownStem 16cm Full Color Flame Polished Multi / Cut Diffuser YX27C-16

HOSS Glass Downstem - 14mm into 19mm Full Color Flame Polished Cut Diffuser 16cm YX27C




HOSS Glass DownStem 16cm Full Color Flame Polished Multi / End Cut Diffuser 14mm into 19mm Choice of Color YX27C-16

Joint Size: 19mm Male / 14mm Female
Stem Lengths: 4" 10cm / 4.75" 12cm / 5.5" 14cm / 6.25" 16cm

Multi-Cut & Colored Flame Polished Diffuser Downstem.  This downstem is a great simple diffuser that filters smoke and ash before it enters the base.  With multiple colors available, this is a great way to spice up any Hoss Glass piece.

19mm Male to 14mm Female

Stem Measurement Details (photo attached to show measurement may show a different downstem for reference purposes) - Brand-By-Brand:
From our experience, the STANDARD method of measuring Ground Joint Stem length is generally to measure the amount of glass that's below the 'joint' to measure how deeply into the bong the stem goes, beyond that joint... SO, generally they are measured from the bottom of the ground glass (frosted) joint to the absolute bottom of the stem. Unfortunately this rule is complicated by some brands that do things a little differently, so the following is our understanding of the stem measurement protocols of our most popular glass brands. Please also note that, as with all blown-glass items, there is always a little variation from one stem, and one measurement, to the next - so please allow for a slight variation in measurement and don't expect the numbers to be EXACT. If you have any uncertainty regarding measurement please don't hesitate to contact us at store@torontohemp.com for clarification or help of any kind!

How each glass company measures their Glass-On-Glass (a.k.a. Ground-Glass) Joint Down-Stems:
Cheech: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
GEAR: Measured from tip to tip (overall length) - therefore, about 2.5cm / 1" higher a number than the standard method would give.
HOSS: Measured from TOP of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Illadelph: One option - fits both beakers and straights (and Micro-Mini fits Micro-Minis).
Infyniti: Measured from top of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Nice: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
NoName: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
OG: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Preemo: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
ROOR: Measured from TOP of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.

Hoss is one of very few brands of Glass-On-Glass fitting downstems that measure with the overall length (or more like the distance from TOP of joint to bottom tip of stem) which seems from our measurements to be about 2cm longer than the normal measuring method of bottom-of-joint-to-tip gives. So, a 10cm HOSS measurement here would represent the equivalent of 8cm in our normal measuring method, for example.

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 Stock # 17557 Black
 Stock # 17559 Green

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