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HOSS Glass WaterPipe - Stemless 9" Tall W/ Tube Grid Perc & Color Accents H161

HOSS Glass Stemless Grid Bubbler 9" Tall W/ Tube Grid Perc & Color Accents H161

H161 - Stemless Grid Bubbler (9") - Wholesale

Height: 9.75" - 11" Inches (250mm - 280mm)
Joint Size: 14mm Bowl
Thickness: 5mm

This Bubbler is perfectly simple which makes for an amazing smoking experience.  The larger diameter tubing allows space for bubbling and percolation, and the smaller diameter mouthpiece ensures a slower, more controllable inhalation.  It is a conveniently sized and simply amazing piece.

(1) H161 - Stemless Grid Bubbler
(1) YX12NCP - 14mm Cone Bowl

Stock # 29950 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 29951 Amber
 Stock # 29952 Black
 Stock # 29953 Blue
 Stock # 41512 Milk Green
 Stock # 41523 Milk Pink
 Stock # 41514 Milk White / White