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CCELL (Authentic) Slim L6 / M3 340mAh Buttonless 510-Thread Battery Set No Logo (Jupiter)

CCELL (Authentic) Slim L6 / M3 340mAh Buttonless 510-Thread Battery Set No Logo (Plain) (Jupiter Research)

The CCELL M3 battery is engineered to perform optimally with CCELL vaporizer cartridges, delivering the user an incomparable vaping experience!

The M3 requires no adjustments, plus it has no buttons, making it incredibly easy to use.

A bottom light will glow when the heater is activated, and will only require you to inhale for 2-4 seconds.

The battery is super slim and compact, however, don't be fooled by the size - it's super robust and lasts for many, many draws!

- 510 universal threading
- The device is activated by inhaling from the cart, shown by button LED indicator light (*10 second rip time)
- Battery capacity of 340mAh (1.30 Ohms), which requires only 50 min charge time as it comes pre-charged at 50%.

Additional Information:
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 10.5mm x 137mm
Color: Matte Black or Silver or White
Style: CCELL® battery
Features: 340mAh

CAUTION - BATTERIES, DEVICES CONTAINING OR ATTACHING TO BATTERIES, AND BATTERY CHARGERS CAN CAUSE FIRES OR EXPLOSIONS. Ensure your safety and that of your property and loved-ones! By purchasing a battery or a device containing or requiring one or more batteries (whether 'lithium' or any other type), the buyer assumes all risks associated with batteries and agrees to ensure their own battery-related education and safety by understanding and following all recommendations on the 'Battery Care and Safety' page linked below as well as information contained in any manual and/or packaging that may be included or available for a battery or device, or elsewhere (e.g. manufacturers' websites, Google, YouTube, etc.). If you do not agree with these conditions, please consider a different type of product to avoid this type of battery, and/or return the battery/product immediately before use. ERROR

Stock # 31478 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 31479 Black
 Stock # 44312 Rose Gold
 Stock # 31480 Stainless Steel 
 Stock # 31481 White