Glass Peddler (Kent Dale) Virtually Indestructible Heavy-Wall Clear HandPipe

Kent Dale (aka Glass Peddler) HandPipe - Virtually Indestructible Heavy-Wall Clear


Kent Dale


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Glass Peddler (Kent Dale) Virtually Indestructible Heavy-Wall Clear HandPipe

OK, these pipes actually blow our minds... Kent's demonstration of the 'virtual' indestructibility of these involved throwing one at our STONE floor, over and over, repeatedly after every shocked reaction of amazement and disbelief. Every time a new staff member or customer would walk into the area, he would throw one on the floor again, with everyone around jumping, covering their eyes, and/or ducking for cover. You can LIKELY destroy one if you try hard enough, but these are truly the most indestructible glass pipes we've ever seen. Until we decided for liability reasons that we should probably stop, our demonstration of the strength of our locally-blown glass used to involve tossing a pipe onto hardwood flooring, but that doesn't hold a candle to this - these bounce off of CONCRETE. WTF?!?

One-of-a-kind hand-blown art piece by local Canadian lampworker ("Glass Blower"). Glass Peddler aka Kent Dale. We prefer to provide and support quality work (and works of art) from impressive Canadian glass artisans (and North American artists more generally) whenever possible!

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