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Linfa Weezy Replacement Grow Kit 2pk (Nutrient Cartridges, Grow & Germination Pods, Etc.)

Linfa Weezy Replacement Grow Kit 2/pack (Nutrient Cartridges, Booster Bottles, Grow and Germination Pods, Filters, Etc.) For Smart Grow Box for Cannabis WiFi & SmartPhone App Enabled Fully Automated Grow for Virtually Set-And-Forget Personal Gardening and Drying From Seed to Smoke!

2 pack grow kit

Each kit includes:
6 germination pods
6 grow pods
3 nutrient capsules
3 boosters
2 water filters
2 air carbon filters
cannabis growing profile

NB: the Kit DOES NOT include seeds

Watch the "How to choose seeds" video in the support page for tips on choosing your seeds.

Then, you can:

Pick your seeds from any seed bank of your choosing with the following specifications: Sex = Feminized, Flowering type = Autoflowering, Plant height = Short (max 70cm), Where to grow = Indoor

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