Mammoth Grow Tents Classic 60 2.0x2.0x4.6' 22501

Mammoth Grow Tents Classic60 2.0x2.0x4.6' 22501


Mammoth Grow Tents Classic60 2.0x2.0x4.6' 22501 Mammoth Grow Tents Classic60 2.0x2.0x4.6' 22501

Mammoth Tent (TAG)


Mammoth Grow Tents Classic60 2.0x2.0x4.6' 22501

Please visit our "Information Index Page" to access our Grow Tent Setup, Options and Configuration .pdf files for your reference and enjoyment!

At THC we have switched up our primary grow-tent brands to now be Mammoth (for the somewhat 'lower-end' with their awesomely affordable Classic and Pro lines), and Gorilla Tents (for the high-end and heavy-duty, while of course more costly, side of things in their Original Gorilla and Shorty lines). Mammoth by TAG is proving to be a pretty darned great brand that we're told are manufactured in a factory that used to make Secret Jardin tents - and perhaps most importantly they are amazingly inexpensive, substantially less costly than our Gorillas by far, and also than our Secret Jardin tents at least for now - Secret Jardin being our 'third' tent brand and one which we do still also really like. Our customers generally seem to be insisting on the lower cost, while similar quality and design, of the Mammoths (and the heavy-duty awesomeness of our Gorillas) - so that's what we mostly have! We do still sell some Secret Jardin, and if for whatever reason you would prefer one that we don't have listed as in-stock, all things considered, then please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll make the effort to order one in for you!

These tents are heavier and bulkier than our Canada Post and UPS 'apps' can handle and give us somewhat accurate shipping charges for - so please only order this item if you are flexible in case your shipping charge must be adjusted and an additional fee might be required - we will always try to absorb what we can and not add anything if we can avoid it, and we will contact you before shipping anything with necessary added charges of course.

Mammoth Classic
A high quality mobile room for a mid range price
Light proof design
Quick and easy assembly
Strong frame with 16mm steel poles and high quality corners and connectors
Available in a wide range of sizes
Big doors offer easy access
Multiple inlets and outlets for flexible installation

Dimensions   mm    Assembled WxDxH    600 x 600 x 1400 
Volume    m3   0.50 
Material    190D    Mylar 
Doors    Front : 1    Rear : none    Side : none
Ventilation Windows  1x 300x200 
Water Tray Removable
Inlet/Outlet Dia.   Layer  Single  Cable 1x 76 Inlet  1x 152    Outlet 1x 152      Cool Tube none 
Frame  Dia.    16 Thick. 0.5 Material Steel  
Corners Material PP Copolymer 
Equipment  Hangers   2 Hook none Strap 2 Chains  n/a

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