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Mars Hydro SP6500 LED Light 650W WaterProof Samsung & OSRAM LEDs Dimmable 3x5'

Mars Hydro SP6500 LED Light 650W WaterProof Samsung & OSRAM LEDs Quantum Dimmable Daisy-Chainable 3x5' Coverage

SP 6500 650w Cover 3x5 (100x150cm) Samsung lm301b Osram full spectrum led plant grow light - Mars Hydro

-Draw Power: 650w
-Optimize Coverage: 3x5 ft (90x150cm)
-Samsung Lm301b&Osram 660nm LEDs
-LED Quantity: 2356 pcs
-Spectrum: 2800-3000K,4800-5000K,650-665nm,730-740nm, 260-440nm
-High PPE up to 2.8 µmol/j
-Light Size:1073*90*92mm
-Daisy Chain Dimming Function
-IP65 waterproof
-CE, DLC&ETL listed

THC's recommendations: We LOVE these 'Quantum Board' LED lights!! We've been pretty anti-LED for so many years now, since they just hadn't shown themselves to be worthy as far as quality and yield were concerned. Quantum Board LEDs have FINALLY forced us to change our tune, and to HIGHLY recommend these LED lights over all other options - better than HID (High Intensity Discharge such as HPS - High Pressure Sodium and MH - Metal Halide), better than DE (Double-Ended) HID, better than CMH / LEC (Ceramic Metal Halide / Light Emitting Ceramic), better than all other LED lights we've ever seen so far BY FAR, truly the best lights we know of! And when we say 'better', we're referring to overall, all-things-considered, every factor and variable, in our humble opinions. They produce light that is perfect for growing Cannabis (though LED is still not as good as HID in 'penetration' from our experience - which is cool by us, since we feel the best growing practices involve short plants in a Sea Of Green / SCreen Of Green configuration), light that is super efficient and low-draw compared to other options, some heat but nowhere near 'too much' heat, and most importantly of all they produce QUALITY buds in QUANTITY. Finally, gone are the days of HID lights yielding better and more - we are FINALLY in the age of the LED being king. In case you didn't yet get the picture, we at THC wholeheartedly recommend and approve of these MARS Quantum Board LED Lights! Might as well add that these MARS quantum board lights are superior to others we've had and seen in a couple small ways - the Epistar LED chips that they incorporate are more efficient than other options (including the Samsung chips on other quantum boards) and the reflectors (on some models) can only be considered a good thing. The other models, without reflectors, (the 'SP' models, which we most highly recommend) are professional-grade and WATERPROOF (see details) and incorporate the best Meanwell brand drivers on the market. Take a look at the light distribution measurements (in our attached photos) - these lights provide excellently even and potent full-spectrum light, perfect for our favorite plants (especially the 2x4' coverage models!). Oh and then there's the price - a fraction of what you'd have to pay for other 'name brand' LEDs - you simply cannot go wrong with these MARS LEDs!!!

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