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Mushroom Growing Supplies - Mushroom Bag With Port 8" Large 22698

Our most popular myco bag. Large, autoclavable mushroom filter patch myco bags measuring 8" x 4.8" x 19" with gusseted sides, a 0.5 micron synthetic filter, and a self-healing injection port. Bag comes with an autoclavable, rubber, self-healing injection port adhered to the bag. Injection ports are highly recommended and greatly improve success rates if you are injecting the bag with a spore or culture syringe.

These bags are ideal for clean sterile spawn production. In many cases, the bags can actually be used as a fruiting chamber. The high filter on these bags allow you to put more grain or substrate in the bags when compared to most other bags on the market. The microporous filter patch allows for filtered gaseous air exchange while keeping contaminants out. You will need to seal these bags with a heat sealer or a mushroom bag clamp.

These bags are not intended to be sealed before sterilization, however they can be successfully "pre-sealed" before sterilizing if all excess air is removed from the bag, excess bag material is neatly folded around the bag, and the bags are allowed to cool slowly and completely before removing them from the sterilizer.

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