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MyWeigh Triton T2XL Precision Pocket Scale - 1000g x 0.1g

MyWeigh Triton T2XL Precision Pocket Scale - 1000g x 0.1g

The Triton T2 1000 was built with true, 10,000 division German HBM weighing sensors. This Advanced Digital Weighing Technology is going to give you the most accurate weight readings.

This tiny scale’s hard protective cover is great for keeping your scale safe when ya aren’t using it and it doubles as a nice weighing tray. Since it has edges, you can weigh all kinds of things that would normally fall right off the platform.

Power 2 AAA Batteries (included)
Display 0.9? backlit LCD : 0.5? digits
Tare Feature Yes
Calibration Feature External : 100g & 500g (x2)
Protective Cover Hinged, Removable
Count Feature No
Platform Size 4? x 4.6?”
Scale Size 7.5? x 4.75? x 0.9?
Weighing Modes 7

Triton T2 XL 1000 Weighing Modes
Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Grams 1000.0 g 0.1 g
Grains 15432 gn 1 gn
Pounds:Ounces 2 lb : 3.36 oz 1 lb : 0.01 oz
¼ Ounces 141.10 1/4 oz 0.01 1/4 oz
1/8 Ounces 282.20 1/8 oz 0.01 1/8 oz
Carats 5000 ct 1 ct
Pennyweights 643.0 dwt 0.1 dwt


For Calibration, this scale requires ONE 100g AND ONE 500g AND ONE 1000g Calibration Weights (Not Included) - see Owner's Manual for more details. THC's calibration weight options can be found on our Calibration Weights Product Listing Page.

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