Natural Insect Control (NIC) Spider Mite Predators Tri-Pak

Natural Insect Control (NIC) Spider Mite Predators Tri-Pak


Natural Insect Control (NIC) Spider Mite Predators Tri-Pak

Natural Insect Control


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Contains 3 spider mite predators including Phytoseiulus persimilis, Stethorus punctillum and Amblyseius fallacis. All insects are sent in separate trays

Phytoseiulus persimilis (3,000 mites on bean leaves): Our persimilis on bean leaves is the fastest way to eradicate spider mites. Female persimilis in this product are pregnant, fully mates and fed. This provides you with faster control than granular version. Persimilis will work in areas that have webbing.

Neoseiulus fallacis (1,000 in vermiculite): Fallacis is an extremely effective spider mite predator. Our mites are packed in granular carrier with pollen this provides a stable sex ratio to ensure a quick response when released. Use Fallacis in areas of low spider mite populations.

Stethorus punctillum (100 adults): This beetle has proven to be a valuable spider mite predator. It is capable of finding spider mites by smell, is an excellent flyer, and is not deterred by high temperatures or low humidity. This beetle can be use in hottest and driest areas of your crop.

SHIPPED: Each insect is shipped in separate containers

OPTIMUM CONDITIONS: 20-30C (68-86F); 40-90% humidity.

RELEASE RATE: 46 m2 to 232m2(500 to 2500 ft2)
SPECIAL NOTES: A great mix and a great deal !

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