Natural Insect Control Predator Mites 1000/Vial Phytoseiulus persimilis

Natural Insect Control (NIC) Spider Mite Predator mites phytoseiulus persimilis


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Natural Insect Control Predator Mites 1000/Vial Phytoseiulus persimilis

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Fast Action Spider Mite Control

Bright reddish orange mites (0.5 mm) that feed on two-spotted spider mites. Persimilis needs greater than 60% relative humidity, to increase humidity misting plants or wetting walkways. At humidities above 60% use with Feltiella acarisuga. At humidities below 60% use with Stethorus punctillum.

SHIPPED: Adults in bottle with vermiculite or mixed population in plastic tray on bean leaves.

OPTIMUM CONDITIONS: 20-27C (68-81F); 60% or greater humidity.

Note: At temperatures of 18-27C (64-81F) Persimilis will reproduce faster than spider mites, however at warmer or cooler temperatures spider mites will reproduce faster.
RELEASE RATE: 5 Persimilis per m. sq. (10 ft. sq.) or 20 Persimilis per infested leaf introduced weekly.

SPECIAL NOTES: Pest mites like it hot and dry while, predator mites like it cooler and humid. Available on bean leaves and prefers the lower half on the plant in hot houses.

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