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Nice Glass / NoName WaterPipe - Stemless 7.5" Inline Perc Bubbler WF002

Nice Glass / NoName WaterPipe - Stemless 7.5" Inline Perc Bubbler WF002

WF002 | 7.5 inch Inline Perc Bubbler

Brand: NO LOGO
Item Code: WF002

7.5 inch Inline Percolator Bubbler

• Borosilicate glass
• Inline percolator
• Base diameter: 85mm

This bubbler features an inline percolator in a cylinder chamber with a narrow neck tube. Available in a range of accent colour glass options.

Stock # 42002 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 42003 Black
 Stock # 42004 Blue
 Stock # 42005 Green
 Stock # 42006 Pink