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Nice Glass WaterPipe - Stemless 8" 10-Arm Tree Perc Bubbler BX1213

Nice Glass WaterPipe - Stemless 8" 10-Arm Tree Perc Bubbler BX1213

8 inch 10-Arm Tree Bubbler
This cute bubbler features a tree percolator with 10 arms and a splash guard at the base of the tube to prevent water from exiting the mouthpiece. Although it is a small handy little piece, it is packed full of filtration. Watch all the aeration take place to give you a toke smooth as a baby's bottom. It is equipped with a narrow handle flower bowl.

Borosilicate glass
10-Arm tree percolator
Splash guard
Base diameter: 90mm

"Nice Glass"... it's a Brand Name first and foremost for sure, but we can officially currently vouch for it as an appropriate, fitting descriptive term for most of the bongs available at THC that are made by this Brand. THC took literally YEARS to decide that this Brand was worthy of our display and provision to you, our respected and beloved customers.

We 'just said no' repeatedly for so long that it seemed impossible that we would ever bring anything Nice Glass into our inventory and onto our shelves. It took years, but what finally won us over was a thorough investigation and examination of the quality of this particular Brand of "China Glass". What we determined in the end is that, now at least, Nice Glass GENERALLY makes and imports some truly NICE Glass  (there are a few items that we aren't hugely thrilled with - some of the Tree Percs for example).

It is of course only our humble opinions and careful determination (what more can we offer), but that determination has led us to actually insist on giving up a large amount of very valuable shelf-space to this particular Brand. We found that, compared to some of the other 'mid-range' Brands available to us ('Head-Shop Grade rather than Convenience-Store Level, let's say), the pieces that we examined from Nice Glass were UNMISTAKABLY impressive as far as Design, Function and Quality go! We feel that it is clear, with the 'proof of the pudding being in the eating', that Nice Glass isn't joking when they tell us that they smash a huge percentage of their factories' production and maintain a remarkably higher-than-average level of quality control relative to many other "China Glass" brands.

We found that their beaker bottoms, joints, and decals/logos for examples are notably more solid and robust than those of others - rather than blown-out beaker-bottoms and joint areas/integrations that are a clear 'weak link' consisting of much thinner and more easily breakable weak glass, Nice Glass clearly generally goes the extra mile and 'gathers' the glass required to ensure that their joints and beakers are STRONG and solid - from what we are seeing. On top of that, we feel that other important factors such as their beaker shapes and perc performance show a careful attention to detail and consideration of reliability, ease-of-use and function over flash and fashion. 

Similarly, they seem to be more careful than others as far as serious concerns such as 'new' (and perhaps even arguably 'experimental') logos, decals and finishes that - while certainly often may be creative and interesting - might not stand the test of time or normal usage (e.g. cleaning) in the real world once in the hands of our customers. We were encouraged to 'TRY to scrape or wash off a Nice Glass logo, a full-tube decal application and even a "Painted" finish', for example and were totally impressed with the sturdiness of these Nice Glass finishing touches.

Clearly, there must always be an increase in cost that inevitably comes with this kind of higher-level attention to quality and detail - but we feel that the increase in this case is realistically negligible and that Nice Glass quality FAR outweighs any such added expense relative to other Brands. In fact, we are confident that you will agree - that especially with our efforts to keep pricing reasonable for our customers the end-users, it might even be completely un-noticeable that we pay more for this Brand than for others, when you consider our retail pricing displayed here for you.

Put simply, Nice Glass at THC (in our humble opinions) generally (and almost universally) provides a fantastic high-quality bargain for our customers, and truly impressive value for your hard-earned dollars! Bottom line: we can honestly and proudly suggest that if you are in the market for a decent piece of glass, you can't really go wrong with something from Nice Glass - now featured at THC!

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