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Nice Glass WaterPipe Stemless Tire & Funnel Recycler Bubbler 13" Tall YN1112

Nice Glass WaterPipe Stemless Tire & Funnel Recycler Bubbler 13" Tall YN1112

YN1112 | 13 inch Tire & Funnel Recycler

Item Code: YN1112

13 inch Tire & Funnel Recycler

• Borosilicate glass
• Funnel chamber
• Tire percolator
• Honeycomb bowl
• Base diameter: 100mm

This recycler houses a tire percolator and a funnel chamber that not only acts as an amazing splashguard, it also provides quick filtration and cooling of the smoke before being inhaled. Comes equipped with a honeycomb herb bowl and colour accents.

Stock # 42358 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 42359 Black
 Stock # 42360 Blue
 Stock # 42361 Green
 Stock # 42362 Pink
 Stock # 42363 White