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Nice Glass WaterPipe - Straight Stepped 12" Tall 14mm Bowl Choice of Colors S321

Nice Glass WaterPipe - Straight Stepped 12" Tall 14mm Bowl Choice of Colors S321

May come with 14mm into 14mm downstem as pictured.

S321 | 12 inch No Logo Straight

Brand: NO LOGO
Item Code: S321

12 inch No Logo Straight

• Borosilicate glass
• Diffuser or open-ended downstem
• Base diameter: 110mm

A slim water pipe with a diffuser or open-ended downstem and a herb bowl. The flared base measures close to 11cm, giving it stability for its tall and a narrow design. Available in a range of colour options.

PLEASE NOTE: Many Nice Glass pieces MAY NOT be exactly as pictured - for example these bongs are made and sold with either open-ended OR slitted downstems.

Stock # 42078 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 42079 Amber
 Stock # 42080 Black
 Stock # 42081 Blue
 Stock # 42082 Green
 Stock # 42083 Pink