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NoName Cyclone Rip-Tide Carb Cap Choice of Colors

NoName Cyclone Rip-Tide Carb Cap Choice of Colors

This riptide-inspired Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap won’t leave you winded. In fact, it’ll have you spinning right round, baby, right round with its unique, handcrafted rotating design. Eliminating the need for you to chase concentrates, this Carb Cap does the job for you. Simply place around the nail and watch as a vortex of air cools and purifies the vapors coming off your herbal extracts. Rest assured, with this tempestuous carb cap, you’ll never waste terps or cannabinoids again!

Fitting both 25mm and 30mm Flat Top Bangers, it won’t fail to put the wind in your sails towards more powerful, flavorsome hits. And to further improve those hits, we highly recommend combining this whirling dervish of a carb cap with some Terp Pearls / Beads. Not only will they look amazing swirling around your dabs as you vape, but their added surface area will also extend optimal dabbing temperatures, helping you get the most out of your concentrates while puffing for longer. Talk about a wind-wind situation!

Stock # 40568 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 40569 Amber
 Stock # 40570 Blue
 Stock # 40571 Clear
 Stock # 40572 Green
 Stock # 40573 Pink
 Stock # 40574 Teal