Vaporific Glass Mod MP W/ Matrix Perc Bubbler Attachment For Vaporizers 19mm F W/ Stand

Vaporific / NoName Glass Mod Mouthpiece Bubbler Attachment For Vaporizers Sidecar 19mm Female W/ Base  / Stand & Matrix Percolator




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Vaporific / NoName Glass Mod Mouthpiece Sidecar Matrix Perc Bubbler Attachment For Vaporizers 19mm Female W/ Base / Stand

This is an awesome portable water tool / bubbler attachment that connects to any vaporizer that has a 19mm Male adapter attached to it. Super affordable and effective, with accompanying stand/base for when it's not attached to your vape (or other 19mm male device).

For use with any vape (vaporizer) that has, or can be adapted to, a 19mm male joint - like an Arizer Air, Air2, Solo or Solo2 with GonG (Glass on Glass) 19mm Adapter (available as an optional add-on accessory made by Arizer themselves or 'aftermarket' by other brands like Planet Vape), or a Volcano / Storz & Bickel Crafty or Mighty Vape with a WPA Water Pipe Adapter like some of the aftermarket ones available invluding the pretty decent option of an Arizer Extreme-Q 'whip' where the plastic tubing fits over your Crafty or Mighty vape's mouthpiece... Or any number of other vaporizers like some of our XVape options that have water pipe adapter accessories but often needing a 14mm-to-19mm adapter in between.

Anyway, if you're looking for a great and affordable portable water pipe vapor-bubbler type tool to use with your favorite (or new) vape, these are a great option!

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