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NoName Plastic Funnel 2-piece Grinder w/ Cone Filler Tool Asstd Colors 12/pack

NoName Plastic Funnel 2-piece Grinder w/ Cone Filler Tool Asstd Colors 12/pack 23836

Please allow us to stress that these grinders are two bucks each for a reason! They are a very cheap little junky plastic grinder, but how do you go wrong for this little money, right? They truly are pretty funny though... We (or you, if you get one that we have overlooked this detail on - we try to 'edit' every one, but we aren't perfect) even have to pull a piece of metal screen out of them to make them function as the screen is in a spot that causes the grinder to not function if we/you leave it in!

But again, for a couple bucks they're a cute and somewhat useful little piece of crap! :-) The main 'benefit' that these little guys have going for them is how tiny they are. REALLY tiny! And they come with a magnet to keep them together when not in use. And they have the funnel feature in case you want to direct your grindings into a vape, pipe or rolling dish / tray / aid. And the cone tool thing of course is a possible bonus.

So, to be clear: if you are looking for a decent, while still very inexpensive (and still small while not this tiny) grinder, we actually recommend the Volcano (or slightly more 'disposable' Buddies) ones - they are actually much better quality small and inexpensive plastic grinders. BUT these 'NoName' tiny grinders are surprisingly, amazingly, strangely cool in their own little ways - especially keeping in mind the 'how do you go wrong for so little money' factor!

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