NoName Silicone Jar Platinum Cured 5ml Clear 50/pack

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NoName Silicone Jar Platinum Cured 5ml Clear 50/pack

The Platinum Cured Silicone Large Non Stick Concentrate Container offers to hold back the mess of oils, waxes, and all manner of concentrates so you can enjoy yourself free from sticky hassles. Molded from high-quality eco-friendly silicone, this highly convenient container is non-toxic as approved by both the FDA and LFGB so you can partake in your concentrates without fear of contaminants. The clear silicone is resistant to both stains and dust, presenting an ultra-modern pristine aesthetic. The silicone also has a ruggedness to it that renders it highly portable and ultimately convenient.
Capacity: 5ml
Material: Silicone
Usage: Concentrates
Washable and reusable

DISCLAIMER: Silicone and butane are considered incompatible. Using silicone containers to store products derived through butane-based extraction processes is not recommended.

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