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NoName WaterPipe - SoftGlass 8" "Space Mushroom" Bubble Spiral Old-School Slide

NoName WaterPipe - SoftGlass 8" "Space Mushroom" Bubble Spiral Old-School 9mm Slide Bowl

Soft Glass water-pipes are made using a 'softer' type of glass ('soda lime glass') than most of our 'scientific lab glass' ('borosilicate glass') pieces are made of. The benefit: perhaps more variety of hand-made artistic and beautiful color options. The drawback: not quite as sturdy and robust, perhaps easier-to-break glass that cannot handle temperature variation nearly as well as the 'laboratory' glass pieces can. These 'old-school' glass pieces also generally do not have the more modern 'glass-on-glass' style of fittings instead relying on rubber grommets and o-rings for the air-tight seals around and between their stem, bowl and drilled-out hole parts. Everyone has different preferences and reasons for them of course, one of the most common reasons people prefer these Soft Glass pieces is because they look much more 'normal' like a 'pretty flower vase' if put up on a shelf or mantle while not in use.

The water pipe in our attached photograph(s) is an example of the model as provided to us by our supplier, shown here to hopefully give you (and us) an idea of the shape, style and size of this particular water-pipe model. There is a lot of variation in individually hand made glass art pieces like this one, so the photograph does not represent by any stretch exactly what the ones we have in stock might appear like color-wise... please do not expect us to send a piece that is colored exactly as one is shown in our photographs, and please do feel free to suggest rough color preferences in your Order Notes if you do have any (i.e. "I like blue and red better than orange and yellow" or "I find the white one pictured more attractive than the green one, but both are preferred over the pink one" or "Color preferences: 1. blue, 2. red, 3. green, 4. purple" or "I'm pretty easy and trust your judgment, please pick me the nicest color piece in your opinion").  

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