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O.PenVape FIY Fill-It-Yourself Concentrate Vaporizer Buttonless Slim Cartridge 510-Thread Pen Kit

O.PenVape FIY Fill-It-Yourself Kit Concentrate Vaporizer Pen Slim Buttonless Cartridge Portable Dab Device

An easy to use (coilless) compact pen vape for concentrates, this kit by O.penVAPE allows you to fill cartridges for your vape pen with your oil of choice. The Kit contains everything you need to get started - the only thing required is an oil or concentrate to mix with the O.juice for filling the cartridges.

With convenient features that make it easy to fill empty cartridges, store your kit contents, and keep track of your O.penVAPE FIY Kit, it's the perfect accessory for the connoisseur who likes to dabble in a little oil mixing.

O.PenVape FilItYourself Kit Concentrate Vaporizer Pen Portable Dab Device

O.penVAPE pen vape

This kit includes a complete O.penVAPE pen vaporizer, as well as a USB-charger. These pens are super small and stealthy and contain no buttons. By simply drawing, the heater is activated and your premixed oil is converted into tasty vapour. A refillable cartridge lasts 6 months on average and can be filled with any herbal oil of your choice.

How to use the FIY Kit by O.penVAPE
For an instruction video, see here. Detailed instructions are also included in the kit.

Included in the FIY Kit is everything you need to:
Mix: 0.5 ml of O.juice & Honey Pot (food-grade mixing bowl)
Fill: Honey Pot & syringe fill tool
Load: Empty 0.5 ml cartridge
Vape: O.penVAPE battery
Charge: USB charger
Store: Honey Pot lid
Carry: O.penVAPE lanyard
Additional cartridges and batteries can be found here.

Note: Mixing/filling tools and one bottle of 5 ml O.juice is enough for 10 cartridge refills.

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