OCB Rolling Tray - Metal 17" x 11" Large - Cephalopod Design

OCB Rolling Tray - Metal 17" x 11" Small - Cephalopod Design


OCB Rolling Tray - Metal 17" x 11" Small - Cephalopod Design

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OCB Rolling Tray - Metal 17" x 11" Large - Cephalopod Design

These OCB® Metal Rolling Trays are made with durable metal construction and come in 3 sizes. The tray has curved edges and high sides, perfect for keeping things in place as you roll.

If you like to roll your own joints and blunts, a rolling tray is a must-have. A tray makes rolling easier and provides a safe place for storing your smoking gear.

This beautifully designed OCB metal rolling tray features a Sean Dietrich exclusive art design. The tray showcases a vibrant underwater nautilus doing what deep sea creatures do. The tray's design is from Dietrich's Cephalopod series.

Like all OCB trays, this rolling tray is made of durable thick metal that won't bend or warp. It's got smooth curved edges and high sides to keep everything safe and in place. The tray comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Each tray in this Sean Dietrich art series has a holographic authenticity sticker and is individually numbered. As a limited edition rolling tray, only 5000 (of each size) were made.

Don't waste time. Get yours today and enjoy rolling on a beautiful and unique tray.

Now Available Separately: Plastic Lids For All Three OCB Rolling Tray Sizes!

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