OG Original Glass Quartz HoneyBucket 14mm Female

  <p>OG Original Glass Quartz HoneyBucket 14mm Female</p>


OG - Original Glass


OG Original Glass Quartz HoneyBucket 14mm Female

Available in 14mm or 19mm, Female or Male


These do not necessarily come with a Carb-Cap (though pictured in the photograph with one on top)... we've been sent some with and some without carb caps, so we are likely to not have any carb cap-included ones left in stock unfortunately. We are also finding that many of our suppliers have (oddly) been out-of-stock of Honey Bucket Carb Caps for a very long time now, so we've been having trouble restocking them and having a listing up here to point you to for purchasing one separately. We are trying to get more caps from OG and our other suppliers, but for the time being please assume that these Honey Buckets come without a carb cap, or please feel free to email store@torontohemp.com to see if we have any in stock with carb cap accessories included - sorry for any confusion and inconvenience!

Stock # 16572 (14mm Female)
Stock # 17456 (14mm Male)
Stock # 17457 (19mm Female)
Stock # 16573 (19mm Male)

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