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Plain Jane Glass Ash Catcher Multi-Arm Tree Perc 14mm 45degree Choice of Colors

Plain Jane Glass Ash Catcher Multi-Arm Tree Perc 14mm 45degree Choice of Colors

Multi-Arm Ashcatcher - Plain Jane Glass - 14mm

A functional accessory from Plain Jane Glass. This multi-arm ashcatcher will add an extra level of filtration and percolation to your pieces with 8 diffused arms. Pick up an ashcatcher if you are worried about protecting the investment you've made on your favourite bong or expensive piece. It will keep your bong cleaner and allow it to hit better.

8 Diffused Downstems
45° Arm
14mm Joint

Stock # 42419 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 42420 Blue
 Stock # 42421 Clear
 Stock # 42422 Green