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ResOlution Cleaning Caps + / Plus Kit - Pack with 2 Sizes (Tube and Stem) Plus Rig Cap

ResOlution Cleaning Caps + / Plus Kit - Pack with 2 Sizes (Tube and Stem) Plus Rig Cap - Choice of Colors

Product Overview

Silicone Cleaning Caps for Water Pipes
Resolution Caps allow you to universally stretch and seal for an airtight fit over glass water pipes, steamrollers and other glass accessories.This helps for an excessively fast cleaning process. Res Caps are also Ideal for traveling and scent stopping for the clean lifestyle smoker.

ResOlution Caps+ Features:
2x small silicone caps
1x large silicone cap
1x rig silicone cap
Universal fit for water pipes, steamrollers and most glass tubes
Creates airtight seal that stops odor and helps cleaning

What's in the Box:
2x - Small Silicone Caps
1x - Large Silicone Cap
1x - Rig Silicone Cap

Universally stretch and seal for a now air tight glass water pipe, steam rollers and many other glass accessories for cleaning, carrying and scent stopping purposes.

We have you covered:
ResOlution Caps administer an edge while cleaning so you can shake vigorously when putting your cleaner in the glass. Our ResCaps are also great for storing, and traveling with your most apprized glass pieces.

ResOlution has not only created a revolutionary way to keep glass of all sizes clean but also has a innovative bumper technology to save your glass for those small but ever so costing knockover breakages.

"cleanliness is compared to godliness"

Designed in Denver Colorado ResOlution is a smoking accessories company that was founded in hopes to transform the entire image of a diluted culture. A culture that has been diminished to the negative stigmas of laziness and boring couch potatoes. ResOlution is here to change that stigma for the everyday professional and creative minded individuals that associate with this culture in today’s world.

Cleaning, Carrying, Scent Stopping

-Keep clean while cleaning.

Stock # 38167 Matrix of Color
 Stock # 38168 Black
 Stock # 38169 Green