ROOR Germany Glass Activated Carbon / Charcoal Filter Adapter 19mm (a.k.a. 18.8mm)

ROOR Activated Carbon / Charcoal Filter Adapter 19mm (18.8mm Euro Gauge)


ROOR Glass


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ROOR Gemany Glass Activated Carbon / Charcoal Filter Adapter 19mm (a.k.a. 18.8mm)


Note: Gauze and activated carbon are not included.

It is recommended to always rinse carbon pellets prior to any use - they often have fine black dust in with them that you should rinse off/out before setting up your filter. The way we do it (everyone has a preferred method/tweak) is to pour the bag of filer pellets into a wire strainer (obviously one with fine enough mesh to prevent the loss of any pellets, depending on the size of the pellets involved with your chosen carbon) and run clean water (preferably filtered/distilled, but tap water is what most people resort to using) through until you no longer see any black dusty stuff running out. Then, perhaps most importantly, allow your carbon to dry completely before attempting to use it! Keep in mind that the whole point of carbon pellets is that they have enormous surface area for filtration in each pellet due to microscopic channels throughout - you want them to be totally dry and not clogged up with moisture or anything when you go to use them.

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