ROOR Germany Straight 3.0x53mm 37cm Blue 19mm Narrowed Bowl Upgrade

ROOR Germany - 3.0mm - 53mm - Bong (Straight) - 37cm Tall - Blue - 18.8mm Joint


ROOR Glass


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ROOR Germany Straight 3.0x53mm 37cm Blue Logo 19mm + Bowl Upgrade - Narrowed Bowl ('North American' Style Bowl without the need for glass screen)

All ROOR bongs from THC come with upgraded 'Narrowed' a.k.a. 'North-American-Style' bowls (included in this price - ROOR charges us an upgrade charge for bowl narrowing) - if you would prefer to receive a 'European-Style' bowl that is not 'Narrowed' (i.e. requires a 'Nail-Shaped' Glass Screen to function), please let us know in your Order Notes - otherwise, this bong will come with a 'Narrowed' bowl as we (and our customers overwhelmingly) feel is most appropriate!

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