ROOR Germany Special "Pocket Friend" 14mm Bowl W/ Narrowed Bowl Upgrade

ROOR Germany WaterPipe - Special "Pocket Friend" 14mm Bowl


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ROOR Germany Special "Pocket Friend" 14mm Bowl w/ Narrowed "North American Style" Bowl Upgrade

Ideal for travelling and on the road: the POCKET FRIEND. Fits in every breast pocket for all those who don't want to miss their water pipe when travelling. A special feature is the smoke guidance through the surrounding pipe.

With a height of 17 cm and a width of 2 cm, the POCKET FRIEND may look dainty at first glance, but when you use it you immediately notice that you are dealing with a real professional.

The POCKET FRIEND has had a firm place in the ROOR range for many years. Its timeless design is currently being rediscovered, as its size is fully in line with the latest trends in concentrates.

All ROOR bongs from THC come with upgraded 'Narrowed' a.k.a. 'North-American-Style' bowls (included in this price - ROOR charges us an upgrade charge for bowl narrowing) - if you would prefer to receive a 'European-Style' bowl that is not 'Narrowed' (i.e. requires a 'Nail-Shaped' Glass Screen to function), please let us know in your Order Notes - otherwise, this bong will come with a 'Narrowed' bowl as we (and our customers overwhelmingly) feel is most appropriate!

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