ROOR Glass Phuncky Feel Tip Nish Collab "Aztec River" in Pocket Tin

ROOR Glass Phuncky Feel Tip Nish Collab "Aztec River" in Pocket Tin


ROOR Glass Phuncky Feel Tip Nish Collab "Aztec River" in Pocket Tin

ROOR Glass


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ROOR Glass Phuncky Feel Tip Nish Collab "Aztec River" in Pocket Tin


When we developed the Phuncky Feel Tips together with Cypress Hill, we couldn't imagine how successful they would become. Your feedback and the “Best Product“ award at the Medical Cannabis Cup Seattle 2014 encourage us in our work.

Phuncky Feel Tips raise smoking culture to a completely new level: whoever tried them once doesn't want to use anything else. The pleasantly cool and dry feeling of the high quality borosilicate glass is simply unique.

Besides, the collab version with Nish brings more color into the game. Each piece is absolutely unique and handcrafted in Canada. The Nish version is only available in flat and is delivered in a stylish metal box with Phuncky Feel Tips logo. Illuminati UV Blackline show the lighted Tip

One of a kind: the collab with Cypress Hill
Hits from the bong. I wanna get high. – CYPRESS HILL’s artistic activities are inseparable from their engagement for an established smoking culture. These guys just know what they are talking about and hence have always loved and cherished ROOR. An esteem which is mutual.

Out of the collaboration between ROOR and the cult rappers, a revolutionary product was born: the PHUNCKY FEEL TIPS – of course made from the high-quality borosilicate glass typical for ROOR.

"Because they will change your life!"

Alternative spelling: Phunky Feel Tips, Funky Feel Tips, Funcky Feel Tips, PhunkyFeelTips, FunkyFeelTips, PhunkyFeelTipps, FunkyFeelTipps, FunckyFeelTipps, FunckyFeelTips, PhunckyFeelTipps, PhunckyFeelTips, Phunky Feel Tipps, Funky Feel Tipps, Funcky Feel Tipps, Funghi Feel Dips.


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