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Root Pouch Degradable Grow Bag Black 10 Gallon w/ Handles

Root Pouch Degradable Grow Bag Black 10 Gallon w/ Handles

260 g/m2 Natural Fiber Blend
Semi-degradable 4-5 seasons


Root Pouch Black Line - the most durable semi-degradable natural fiber blended fabric.  Perfect for in-ground, pot-in-pot and above ground growing, for both the indoor and outdoor grows.

When used In-ground the natural fibers draw water from surrounding soil. When used for pot-in-pot the pouches prevent roots from penetrating fabric because it prunes by entrapment rather than air pruning. When used above ground roots are still pruned.

UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non Toxic

Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fiber blend.

Special Order Item - We can order these in for you, often next-day to our store from the warehouse, so please feel free to ask.

From recycled natural fibers mixed with recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfills, comes a lightweight, breathable fabric that is crafted into plant pots you can use in your garden, yard or home! These fabric pots are wonderful for plants—roots can cool in summer, and not suffocate from overwatering. The fabric material lets water permeate so there's sufficient drainage without holes in the pot. Plus, they're washable and reusable or just compost them when done.

A healthier alternative for the environment! Every year, millions of plastic pots require petroleum and fossil fuels to be created, and then eventually they are discarded to clog up our landfills. Made from 100% recycled materials, our Root Pouch grow bags can be used and then composted! Plus, because they're made from flexible fabric, there's no worries about pots chipping or breaking, or having to clean up pot shards like with clay pots. Whenever and wherever you would use a plastic or clay pot, consider our Root Pouch and make a wiser choice for your local environment!

For 3-4 years outside, use these root pouches for smaller trees on your deck, or larger houseplants inside or out. Features built in handles.

For 1-2 seasons outside, use these Root Pouches for tomatoes, vegetables, pumpkins, herbs, and flowers on your deck or in your yard!

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