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Rosin Bomb Rocket Electric Rosin Press (No Air, No Hydraulics, No Manual Labour)

Rosin Bomb Rocket Electric Rosin Press (No Air, No Hydraulics, No Manual Labour)

ROSINBOMB is second to none. Our products are DESIGNED and ASSEMBLED here in the United States. We stand by our product and believe that your only problem should be figuring out which essential oil to press.

Create your own concentrate at home. The ROSINBOMB Rocket fits in a backpack, weighs only 13 lbs and will apply 1,500+ lbs of force. The unit is quiet. It doesn't require a noisy compressor to function. Stainless steel.  Made in the USA.

Able to crush up to 5 grams, depending the density of your material

Pulls only 3 amps at full pressure

Only 10 inches tall

Weighs 13 lbs

THIS MACHINE IS USED TO PRESS ESSENTIAL OILS! We recommend you follow all applicable laws.

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