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RYOT Dugout Solid Aluminum w/ Bottle Opener Green (Large) Magnetic Lid Poker & Bat

RYOT Dugout Solid Aluminum w/ Bottle Opener Green (Large) Magnetic Lid Poker & Batt Included

The RYOT Super Magnetic Dugout with One Hitter features a unique integrated bottle opener and pistol grip design. With a patented magnetic lid and poker design, the RYOT Super Dugout is crafted to avoid spillage and to avoid unwanted smells from escaping. The portable Super Dugout fits perfectly in a user's hand, making it ideal for the on-the-go adult consumer. Made of aluminum, the RYOT Super Magnetic Dugout with One Hitter is a durable piece!

Dimensions: 4.25 inches (L) x 2 inches (W) x .625 inches (Thick)
Aluminum One Hitter Included
Durable Aluminum Construction
Magnetic Poker and Lid
Storage for Smoking Blends
Unique Pistol Grip Design
Fits All Standard One Hitters

Ryot Taster Box / One-Hitter Box. Solid Aluminum. Dual-Purpose Magnetic Lid. Magnets hold lid securely closed. Poker is magnetically secured in a center chamber - Poker will not fall out! Ample storage space. One Hitter bat included.

Included Bat / One-Hitter Pipe: Generally Cigarette Look-alike. We don't open every one up to check when they arrive at our store, but it seems that most if not all RYOT boxes that we receive come with cigarette-looking bats, unlike what is shown in some of the photographs from RYOT used in our product listings. For this particular item, we often get 'lucky' and find a color-match bat!

So, if you prefer a bat other than the 'cigarette bat' that is seen as a cheap 'throw-away' by many, please consider purchasing one from our huge selection of options including many RYOT brand bats:

Or from the wide range available from many suppliers:

Either way, of course please be careful to choose a bat that will fit your dugout - generally 'small' or '2"' / '(2-inch)' bats bats are for 'small' dugouts while 'large' or '3"' / '3-inch' bats are for 'large' dugouts like these.

Replacement/Extra Magnetic Metal Poker available (can be cut shorter to fit 'small' dugouts / boxes)

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