Sahara Smoke Hookah Khanjar 12" Surrender (Pink)

Sahara Smoke Hookah Khanjar 12" Surrender (Pink)


Sahara Smoke Hookah Khanjar 12" Surrender (Pink)

Sahara Smoke


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Sahara Smoke Hookah Khanjar 12" Surrender (Pink)

Meet the 12 inch tall Khanjar Surrender Hookah!  This brand new mini hookah is one of the best looking pink hookahs in our shop and features a whole boatload of unique features.
The most unique aspect of this small hookah's design is it's integration of the downstem into the overall design.  While most hookah downstems are attached to the stem via a weld or threaded adapter, the Khanjar hookah's downstem is connected to the base and bowl of the hookah via a series of rubber hookah gaskets.  In addition to this, the Khanjar's purge valve and hose port are built into the stem itself and they are constructed from ultra-grippy rubber which means you do not need to use a hose gasket.

On top of all of these amazing features your new Khanjar Surrender hookah will come with a vortex-style hookah bowl, a washable hookah hose, a durable glass base, khanjar tongs, and all of the gaskets needed to set it all up.


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