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SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Glass Directional Air Flow Carb Cap For Quartz Banger

Saionara (SZ Crossing) E-Nail Glass Directional Air Flow Carb Cap For Quartz Banger Replacement Part / Accessory

Replacement Part / Accessory for 25mm and/or 30mm Sz Crossing / Saionara E-Nail

NOTE: It seems that the SZ Crossing / Saionara 30mm Quartz E-Banger Part/Set is very much compatible and interchangeable with the High Five Vape 30mm Quartz E-Banger Parts/Set (the E-Bangers and parts all seem to fit each other's Heater Coils and Lock pins and Carb-Cap and even the SZ Crossing / Saionara Quartz Insert Dish seems to fit the High Five E-Banger). While of course we can't 100% guarantee compatibility, they seem virtually identical and totally compatible from our experimentation and experience (the only thing NOT seemingly compatible is the electrical pin configuration between Heater Coil and E-Nail Control Box - compatibility refers to the quartz parts).

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