SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Clear Quartz Banger 30mm 14mm Male w/ Clip & Insert & Cap

30mm banger enail kit


SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Clear Quartz Banger 30mm 14mm Male w/ Clip & Insert & Cap

SZ Crossing (Saionara)


SZ Crossing (Saionara) E-Nail Clear Quartz Banger 30mm 14mm Male w/ Clip & Insert & Directional Air-Flow Carb Cap Replacement Part / Accessory

Please Note: Apparently SZCrossing intends for these Clear 30mm Quartz Bangers (as opposed to the also-available Opaque 30mm Quartz Bangers that are included now in the ENail kits) to be used exclusively WITH the available Quartz Insert Dish (included when you purchase the 'Banger kit with Carb-Cap & Insert' rather than this Banger-only item that it intended for those who have broken their banger to be able to replace only it). There is a small hole/divet in the bottom of these clear bangers that make them less than ideal for use without the insert. Please do not purchase this banger with hopes of using it without its matching Quartz Insert Dish. Also see the similar High Five Vape (High5) 30mm Quartz Banger.

Heater Coil Not Included

This is a FULL Quartz Banger set WITH an excellent perfectly-matched Air-Flow Bubble Carb Cap AND Quartz Insert Dish/Cup
This Quartz Banger is also TORCH FRIENDLY, so you can use it EITHER with a 30mm Banger E-Nail Heater Coil (and Enail control box, 14mm Female-jointed Dab Rig Glass WaterPipe, etc.) if you're ready to go with the 'perfect' setup right off the bat, OR with a basic and super-economical Torch and Rig setup - So this set is currently our most highly recommended 'no-brainer' (14mm Male-jointed) Quartz Banger in general - for this awesomely low price you get a Quartz Banger that is universally useful - start with a torch, for example, and you can keep using this same Quartz Banger once you upgrade to an E-Nail setup if you so choose! Can't get a lot more economical than that, ESPECIALLY coinsidering that it comes in an excellent Cardboard Gift/Storage Box, and more importantly with a Quartz Insert Cup (with additional/replacement Inserts available for a similarly excellent low price) that is amazing for temperature control and cleanliness, etc., AND Air-Flow Bubble Carb Cap (and locking pin/clip for e-nail heater coil use)! A VERY highly THC-Endorsed product here - purchase with confidence and enjoy!

We highly recommend using both the metal clip AND a 'High Temp O-Ring Banger Hook' to seccurely connect your banger to your heater coil - . Please also note that we carry replacement 30mm parts from two brands that are, for the most part, interchangeable - see SZ Crossing (Saionara) brand 30mm pieces as well as High Five Vape pieces as they are both excellent options.

NOTE: It seems that the SZ Crossing / Saionara 30mm Quartz E-Banger Part/Set is very much compatible and interchangeable with the High Five Vape 30mm Quartz E-Banger Parts/Set (the E-Bangers and parts all seem to fit each other's Heater Coils and Lock pins and Carb-Cap and even the SZ Crossing / Saionara Quartz Insert Dish seems to fit the High Five E-Banger). While of course we can't 100% guarantee compatibility, they seem virtually identical and totally compatible from our experimentation and experience (the only thing NOT seemingly compatible is the electrical pin configuration between Heater Coil and E-Nail Control Box - compatibility refers to the quartz parts).

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