SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Quartz Banger 30mm 14mm Male w/ Clip & Air-Flow Carb Cap

30mm banger enail kit


SZ Crossing (Saionara)


SZ Crossing (Saionara) E-Nail Quartz Banger 30mm 14mm Male w/ Clip & Directional Air-Flow Carb Cap Replacement Part / Accessory

Heater Coil Not Included

This is a FULL Quartz Banger set WITH an excellent perfectly-matched Air-Flow Bubble Carb Cap AND Quartz Insert Dish/Cup
This Quartz Banger is also TORCH FRIENDLY, so you can use it EITHER with a 30mm Banger E-Nail Heater Coil (and Enail control box, 14mm Female-jointed Dab Rig Glass WaterPipe, etc.) if you're ready to go with the 'perfect' setup right off the bat, OR with a basic and super-economical Torch and Rig setup - So this set is currently our most highly recommended 'no-brainer' (14mm Male-jointed) Quartz Banger in general - for this awesomely low price you get a Quartz Banger that is universally useful - start with a torch, for example, and you can keep using this same Quartz Banger once you upgrade to an E-Nail setup if you so choose! Can't get a lot more economical than that, ESPECIALLY coinsidering that it comes in an excellent Cardboard Gift/Storage Box, and more importantly with a Quartz Insert Cup (with additional/replacement Inserts available for a similarly excellent low price) that is amazing for temperature control and cleanliness, etc., AND Air-Flow Bubble Carb Cap (and locking pin/clip for e-nail heater coil use)! A VERY highly THC-Endorsed product here - purchase with confidence and enjoy!

We highly recommend using both the metal clip AND a 'High Temp O-Ring Banger Hook' to seccurely connect your banger to your heater coil - . Please also note that we carry replacement 30mm parts from two brands that are, for the most part, interchangeable - see SZ Crossing (Saionara) brand 30mm pieces as well as High Five Vape pieces as they are both excellent options.

NOTE: It seems that the SZ Crossing / Saionara 30mm Quartz E-Banger Part/Set is very much compatible and interchangeable with the High Five Vape 30mm Quartz E-Banger Parts/Set (the E-Bangers and parts all seem to fit each other's Heater Coils and Lock pins and Carb-Cap and even the SZ Crossing / Saionara Quartz Insert Dish seems to fit the High Five E-Banger). While of course we can't 100% guarantee compatibility, they seem virtually identical and totally compatible from our experimentation and experience (the only thing NOT seemingly compatible is the electrical pin configuration between Heater Coil and E-Nail Control Box - compatibility refers to the quartz parts).

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