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SZ Crossing Saionara (Sai) Battery 1050mAh 510-Thread Replacement Part / Accessory

SZ Crossing Saionara (Sai) Battery 1050mAh 510-Thread Replacement Part / Accessory

Fixed Voltage Battery 2.8V


Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity: 1050mAh

Four Settings (Temperature Control and Wattage Mode): Wattage Mode, TC Mode Ti 380degreesF, TC Mode Ti 420degreesF, TC Mode Ti 460degreesF

Toronto Hemp Co (THC) Saionara Quick-Start, Usage, Accessories and Cleaning Guide

(Includes the following:

Compatible Batteries: Other than the 'EZ-Sai' and 'Poseidon' Kits that come with batteries, Sai atomizers come without a battery and so you need to purchase either the Sai Battery (which is actually quite limited in capability and NOT very compatible with the Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF atomizers & coils) or a suitable 'Box-Mod' battery (aka power supply) to screw your Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF onto. Most box mods will do, but to be safe make sure that yours has 1) a 510-thread attachment (virtually all box-mods do), 2) 'Variable Wattage Mode' with adjustable wattage covering at least the range of 7 watts to 28 watts (7w to 50w for the Sai PLUS Atomizer) so as to work with all possible Saionara coils, and 3) 'Sub-Ohm' operation - meaning that the box can function with coils that have less than 1 Ohm resistance (Saionara coils go as low as .25ohms).

While most Saionara Atomizers and Coils operate best in VW (Variable Wattage) mode, some may ALSO be used in TC (Temperature Control) mode - so for the best experience and flexibility perhaps choose a box-mod that has TC Mode (best if it has TC Stainless Steel - TC SS, TC Nickel - TC Ni, and TC Titanium - TC Ti - modes).

Some batteries that we've carried at THC that are compatible and function excellently with Saionara Atomizers include: ELeaf iStick 40W TC (for Sai and Sai TAF but not really powerful enough for Sai PLUS TAF atomizer), ELeaf iPower80W TC (for Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF atomizers), Artery Nugget X 50W (for Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF atomizers).

The Sai Battery that is available separately and comes in the EZ-Sai (and Poseidon) Kits operates quite simply and how you might expect it to if you have had any experience with other single-button vape batteries with temperature options - 5 quick button-presses to turn on, then three button presses to change temperature / option, hold down the button to 'fire' the coil and vaporize, and again 5 quick button-presses to turn off the power supply.

The four 'Watt / TC' options, denoted on the Sai Battery with four differently colored LEDs, are:
- 1) "WATT" Mode: the battery has a fixed Voltage of 2.8v which means that, with the use of Ohm's Law you can determine the wattage for each coil option as follows: Current = Voltage / Resistance (I aka Intensity aka Current aka Watts = E aka V aka Electromotive Force aka Voltage divided by R aka Ω aka Ohms aka Resistance) so for example Current / Wattage = 2.8 / .25 (.25ohms for many basic coils) = 11.2 Watts. (So with a different, Variable Wattage, box-mod battery you can vary the wattage to experience different heat levels but with this Sai Battery you get just the one heat level that corresponds with 2.8V / 11.2 Watts on the 'Watt' setting).
- 2, 3 and 4) "Ti 380°F", "Ti 420°F", and "Ti 460°F" Modes : for the (currently two - Titanium Wire Dual 2mm Quartz Rods and Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods) Sai coils that are compatible with TC Ti (Temperature Control Titanium wire) these three options allow for three different temperatures so that you can experiment and see what you prefer - maybe start low at 380°F for 'tasty low-temperature dabbing' and finish high at 460°F to squeeze the most bang out of your extract buck.


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