SZ Crossing Saionara Plus Top-Air-Flow (Sai PLUS TAF) Mod-Top Atomizer 510-Thread Vape

Saionara (Sai) PLUS Top-Airflow Mod-Top Atomizer 510-Thread Wax Vaporizer Starter Set


SZ Crossing Saionara (Sai) Top-Airflow Black Mod-Top Atomizer 510-Thread Wax Vaporizer

SZ Crossing (Saionara)


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SZ Crossing Saionara (Sai) PLUS Top-Air-Flow (Plus-TAF) Stainless Steel Mod-Top Atomizer 510-Thread Wax Vaporizer Starter Set

Please note that 'regular' Sai coils can be used in 'regular' Sai (and Sai Top-Air-Flow TAF) atomizers, Sai Top-Air-Flow (TAF) coils can only be used in Sai Top-Air-Flow (TAF) atomizers, and Sai PLUS TAF coils can only be used in Sai PLUS TAF atomizers, generally.

Stainless steel Body
Removable Mouthpiece
Directional Airflow Cap
Top & Bottom Adjustable Airflow
No Exposed Coil or Leakage
Replacement coil
Operating Range: TC Ni 40w-45w / 400f-500f
Recommended Battery / Box-Mod: 50W (Not intended to be used with EZ-Sai Kit smaller battery)
Recommended Replacement Coils: See Sai PLUS Coils (the Plus atomizer/top is larger than the regular Sai AND the TAF Sai Atomizers, and the coils for the Sai Plus are also larger than those for other Sai products).

1 Sai Plus Atomizer
1 Replacement coil W/ Titanium Bucket
1 Dab Tool
2 Extra O-rings

Toronto Hemp Co (THC) Saionara Quick-Start, Usage, Accessories and Cleaning Guide

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