Secret Jardin Grow Tent Twin 60 2x2x6.25' DRT60

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Twin 60 2x2x6.25'' DRT60


Secret Jardin


Secret Jardin Grow Tent Twin 60 2x2x6.25' DRT60

At THC we have been forced to switch over our primary grow-tent brands to now be Mammoth (for the somewhat 'lower-end' with their Classic and Pro lines), and Gorilla Tents (for the high-end heavy-duty, while of course more costly, side of things). Mammoth by TAG is proving to be a pretty darned great brand that we're told are manufactured in a factory that used to make Secret Jardin tents - and perhaps most importantly they are amazingly inexpensive, substantially less costly than our Secret Jardin tents which is our 'third' tent brand and one which we also really like. Our customers are insisting on the less-costly, while similar quality and design, Mammoths - so that's what we mostly have! We do still sell some Secret Jardin, and if for whatever reason you would prefer one that we don't have listed as in-stock, all things considered, then please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll make the effort to order one in for you!

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