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SharpStone Ceramic Teeth 4 Piece Grinder 2.5" Choice of Color

SharpStone Ceramic Teeth 4 Piece Grinder 2.5" Choice of Color

The Sharpstone Ceramic Teeth 4pc Grinder is 2.5" and features ceramic cutting teeth, pollen chamber & sifting screen, and a tapered easy grip design. Colours include Black and Silver.

NOTE: We've heard a few complaints now of people breaking the teeth on these ceramic grinders. So far it has SEEMED to be primarily the result of user-error - either dropping the grinder or letting it get dirty... so at this point we're recommending that this grinder must be kept cleaner than most and treated with more care than average. We'll keep monitoring the situation... some people do seem to really like them, others not so much!

Stock 28496 Matrix of Colors