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Shatter'd Glassworks Stemless 6" Tall Color Drip Matrix Perc Banger Hanger 14mm Banger

Shatter'd Glassworks Stemless 6" Tall Color Drip Matrix Perc Rig Banger Hanger 5mm Thick w/ 14mm 90degree Quartz Banger

Colour Drip Matrix Perc Rig - Shatter'd Glassworks - 6"

The Colour Drip Rig from Shatter'd Glassworks. This piece adds a little something that are missing from other rigs. The colour drip really pops to accentuate the curves of the glass while adding a spark of flare and style. Standing at 6" tall this rig is ideal for passing around or for going on adventures. This piece features an integrated matrix percolator which is routed through the downstem resulting in cool, filtered hits.

Matrix percolator
6" Height
5mm thick glass
Joint size: 14mm female

Stock # 42457 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 42458 Blue
 Stock # 42459 Green
 Stock # 42460 Red